Committee members

A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes of our U3A branch. The pictures below are of the volunteers who carry out a lot of the tasks involved in making sure everything runs smoothly.
Photo of Jude Williams
Jude Williams
Photo of Mike Clark Vice Chair
Mike Clark
Vice Chair
Photo of Nick Wright Vice Chair
Nick Wright
Vice Chair
Photo of Tessa Bidgood - Treasurer
Tessa Bidgood
Photo of Diane Worland
Diane Worland
Business Secretary
Photo of Julie Allder
Julie Allder
Social Secretary
Photo of Brenda Bingham
Brenda Bingham
Interest Group Co-ordinator
Photo of Chris Olley
Chris Olley
Interest Group Coordinator
Photo of Val Baxter
Val Baxter
Membership Secretary
Photo of Tonia Sharp
Tonia Sharp
Membership Secretary