Groups by Day

Please contact Group Leaders for further information.

Monday Mornings
Complementary Therapies
Leader: Janet Jones 0121 449 7745
When: Monthly, 1st Monday in the month 11.00am
Where: Venues variable
History - Family
Leader: Gill Cook 07515 129 229
When: Monthly, second Monday of the month, 10.00am
Where: Kings Heath Library
Play Reading 2
Leader: Chris Olley 0121 459 3699
When: 3rd Monday of the month
Where: All Saints Centre, Kings Heath
Leader: David Low
Members must have some knowledge of rowing. If interested in a taster session please contact David.
When: Weekly on a Monday at 10.00am.
Where: Edgbaston Reservoir.
Walking - 3 miles
Leader: Wendy Simpson and Clare Hinchcliffe
When: Twice a month, 2nd and 4th Mondays, 10.30am.
Where: Different walks in Birmingham area.
Walking - 4 to 5 miles Group 2
Leader: Theresa Daly 0121 444 0212
When: Monthly, 2nd Monday
Walking - 8-10 miles
Leader: John Dillon 0121 444 6577
When: 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 10.15 start.
Where: Outside venues
Walking - Nordic style
Leader: Sue Baker
Group members must have had some Nordic Walking training, and own their own Nordic walking poles.
When: Mondays at 10.00am
Where: Local area
A photo of our group can be seen here.
Monday Afternoons
Bridge 1
Leader: Roger Tyrrell 0121 689 4588
When: Mondays 2.00pm, Wednesdays 10.30 every week.
Where: In members homes
Digital Photography
Leader: Roy Stove 0121459 8604 / 07786
We are group of mostly beginners, with cameras ranging from small compacts to larger SLRs. Please take a look at our gallery.
A list of topical web sites can be found here.
When: 2nd Monday of the month, 2pm - 4pm.
Where: Stirchley Baths Community Centre and out and about
French 2 - Intermediate Conversation
Leader: Moira OSullivan 0121 689 1810
When: Fortnightly, Monday 2-4pm
Where: Homes
Jazz Appreciation 1
Leader: Carol Miller 0121 449 4550
When: Last Monday of the month 2-4pm.
Where: Homes
Jazz Appreciation 2
Leader: Sarah Barker 0121 449 9468
When: Last Monday of the month 2-4pm.
Where: Homes
Tuesday Mornings
Art Appreciation 1
Leader: Anne Carroll
When: Monthly, 3rd Tuesday 10.30am
Where: Homes
Art Appreciation 3
Leader: David Stokes 0121 471 2241
When: Monthly, last Tuesday 10.30am
Where: Homes
Book Group 1
Leader: Jude Williams 07813 258 741
When: Monthly, Tuesday at 11am
Where: Homes
Bridge 3
Leader: Ian Grant 0121 778 2672
Beginners and improvers welcome
When: Weekly, Tuesday. 10am - 12.30pm
Where: New Life Baptist Church, Kings Heath
Italian Conversation 2
Leader: Heather Swanson 0121 459 4038
When: Fortnightly first and third Tuesdays, 10.00 - 11.30am.
Where: Loco Loung, Kings Heath
Leader: Muriel George
The group is looking at the major areas of philosophy, from epistemology through self and freedom to beauty and art. Members of the group take it in turns to introduce each chapter. New members are always welcome.
When: 3rd Tuesday of the month 10am-12 midday
Where: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Road, (off Vicarage Rd).
Leader: Greg Bellamy 0121 449 2470
When: Fortnightly, Tuesdays 10.30-12.00 noon.
Where: Homes
Ukelele for Fun
Leader: Norman Baxter

Would you like to play a musical instrument but do not know where to start? Why not try the ukulele.
When: 2nd and last Tuesday of the month, 10.30am.
Where: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Rd, Kings Heath.
Our music pages are here

Walking - 4 to 5 miles Group 1
Leader: Barbara Ashworth 0121 458 3602
When: Monthly, 1st Tuesday in the month, meet 10.15am.
Where: Venues as arranged
Walking - 5-7 miles
Leader: Julia Frances 0121 244 3424
When: Twice a month,1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Where: Outside venues
Tuesday Afternoons
Leader: Jean Turley 0121 472 3659
When: Meets monthly, fourth Tuesday 2-4pm
Where: Baptist Church, Kings Heath
Bridge (Social)
Leader: Clare Goulder 0121 444 4772
A non-competitive group for beginners or more experienced people.
When: 3rd and 4th Tuesdays, 2pm
Where: Clare's house
Faiths in Birmingham
Leader: Ruth Tetlow 0121 449 4892
When: Monthly, third Tuesday of the month, 2-4pm
Where: Meetings in homes and visits
French 1 Conversation
Leader: Sally Potter 0121 449 4597
When: First and third Tuesday, 2.30-4.30pm.
Where: Homes
Italian Conversation 1
Leader: Carole McKeown 0121 449 1324
When: Fornightly first and Third Tuesdays at 2pm.
Where: Homes
Italian Intermediate
Leader: Rosemary Tedds 0121 624 3907
When: Fortnightly Tuesdays pm.
Where: Homes
Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the All Saints Centre, 2 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath at 2.00pm.
Details of the talks can be found here.
Painting and Drawing
Leader: Anne Johnson 0121 443 1535
When: Fortnightly, 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month 2.30pm
Where: Loco Lounge, High Street, Kings Heath
Wednesday Mornings
Art Appreciation 4
Leader: Roy Stove 0121 459 8604
When: 2nd Wednesday of the month 10am - 12noon
Where: Homes
Book Group 4
Leader: Greg Bellamy 0121 449 2470
When: Monthly, 3rd Wednesday, 10-12 noon.
Where: Homes
Play Reading 1
Leader: Gilly Holmes 0121 441 4215
When: Monthly, first Wednesday of the month 10-12.15.
Where: All Saints Centre
Walking - Hill Walking
Leader: Elisabeth Parr 0121 449 9654
The group will cover a distance of 10-12 miles over rough terrain.
When: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
World Food - International Cuisine
Leader: Nigel Davis 0121 603 0559
When: Fortnightly Wednesdays 11.00am - 2.00pm
Where: Homes
Wednesday Afternoons
Leader: Graham and Alison Stroud 0121 249 1650 / 07548 562 289
When: Weekly, term time only. Wednesday, 2.00pm
Where: St Columba's Church
German For All
Leader: Colin Simpkins 07930 987 787
When: Fortnightly, Wednesday, 2.30pm
Where: Homes
Thursday Mornings
Book Group 2
Leader: Gin Field
When: Monthly, last Thursday of the month 10.30am.
Where: Homes
Crown Green Bowling
Leader: Richard Spiby 0121 444 2955 and Don Stacey 0121 444 2965
When: Season starts April 2018, Fortnightly,Thursdays 10-1130
Where: Woodlands Bowling and Social Club, 126 College Road, Moseley.
Leader: Ann Williams 0121 246 4047
Moseley and Kings Heath U3A Gardening Group is a group of almost 50 enthusiastic members who have a love of plants and gardens. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at different venues according to our event programme. We travel by car, sharing whenever possible. If you wish to join us please contact me, Marian Fearon, contact details are below.
When: Monthly, 1st Thursday of the month.
Where: Meeting rooms and outside visits as planned
German - Advanced Conversation
Leader: Uta Smail 0121 444 4979
Members need GCSE level German.
When: Fortnightly, the second and fourth Thursday of the month, between 10am and 12noon.
Where: TBA
Ping-Pong and Croquet
Leader: Clare Goulder
When: Thursdays 10am - 12noon
Where: Please contact Clare for details
Spanish Conversation For Beginners
Leader: Alan Murray 07445957447
When: Weekly, Thursday 10.15 - 11.30 am
Where: Victorian Tea Rooms, Kings Heath Park
Thursday Afternoons
Art Appreciation 2
Leader: Angela Crawshaw 0121 247 8621
When: Monthly, 2nd Thursday at 2.00pm
Where: Homes
Details of our past and future meetings can be found here.
German 'Next Steps'
Leader: Paul Hunt 0121 449 8766
When: Twice a month 2nd and 4th Thursdays 1.30pm - 3.00pm
Where: Homes
History - General
Leader: Carey Baff
When: 3rd Thursday of the month, 1.30pm
Where: Kings Heath Baptist Church
Leader: Annette Gough 0121 444 1912
When: Monthly, last Thursday of the month
Where: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Road, Kings Heath
Leader: Mike Clark
When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 2.00-4.00pm
Where: Friends Meeting House ColmoreRoad
Friday Mornings
Biography Book Group
Leader: Ruth Livermore
When: 4th Friday of alternate months 10.30am - 12noon
Where: Quaker Meeting House Colmore Rd
Discussion of Current Affairs
Leader: Clare Goulder
When: First and third Friday at 10.00am
Poetry Appreciation
Leader: Janet Burgess
When: Second Friday of the month between 10.30 and 12.00pm.
Where: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Road, Kings Heath
Friday Afternoons
Book Group 6
Leader: Jo Taylor 0121 441 1703
When: Monthly, 3rd Friday 2pm
Where: Homes
Book Group 7
Leader: Jo Taylor 0121 441 1703
When: First Friday of the month 2pm
Where: Homes
Poetry and Plays
Leader: Robert Wilcher 0121 444 3568
When: Monthly, 1st Friday of the month.
Where: Homes
Leader: Sheila Clarke
When: Twice monthly, 2nd and 4th Friday, 2.00pm
Where: All Saints Church Centre
Socialist Perspectives on Contemporary Issues
Leader: Mike Clark and Jude Williams 07813 258 741
When: Second Friday of the month
Where: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Road, Kings Heath
Various days and times
Architecture / Urban Walking
Leader: Michael Harrison 0121 444 6793
Book Group 3
Leader: Linda Coello 0121 449 7388
When: Monthly, dates arranged at meetings
Where: Homes
Book Group 5
Leader: Linda Coello 0121 449 7388
When: Monthly, dates arranged at meetings
Where: Homes
Leader: Carey Baff
When: Occasional, as advertised in the Newsletter
Where: TBA
Leader: PeterBourne 07808 543 890
When: various times as arranged with members
Where: various locations
Leader: j
Fine Dining Club
Leader: Carey Baff
Next lunch being arranged, venue to be notified later.
History - Local
Leader: John Hazleton 0121 624 2907
When: Monthly - variable days
Where: KH Baptist Church and walks
Leader: s
Talk Film
Leader: Alan Fair and Theresa Daly 0121 444 0212
When: Programmes of 8 weekly sessions as advertised in Newsletter. Next starting 24 January 2018.
Where: Stirchley Baths
Theatre Visits
Leader: Julie Allder 07506720756
Where: Theatres
Leader: Brian Holmes
When: Fortnightly to suit members
Where: Meet in workshops
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Leader: eee
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